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 Silent Hill Mobile 2

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OdoslaťPredmet: Silent Hill Mobile 2   Silent Hill Mobile 2 Icon_minitime1Št február 26, 2009 9:21 pm

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Silent Hill Mobile 2


Silent Hill is again covered by darkness. Reveal a mystery and find
out, what brings Lucas and Vincent to this horrible city. You will be

New Silent Hill reaches our mobile world. Finally, we can discover
darkness, which decends to this angry place. Who do not know, Silent
Hill Mobile 2 is click & point adventure, but you do not have to be
scared, that you will get bored, because second part of famous Silent
Hill offers more experience and tension, than either of the horror
mobile game.

The game casts you in the role of Lucas and Vincent. One fine day
you wake up on a hospital bed. A mysterious voice starts to whisper
first pieces of story. Japanase scenarists got a space for their
twisted thoughts. During adventure plenty of unanswered questions will
start up, which you will try to reveal. Short whiles of nightmares take
turns with the world of wrathful monsters. Yes, Silent Hill Mobile 2
have its own action view. I must admit, that action concept belongs to
the lighter events.

A background of nightmarish hospital is totally gloomy and frissen runs
over you from anything, what you see. White walls, dark extensive
corridors terrific you at each end. Pictures and crazy images of
pacients best apposite atmosphere of Silent Hill Mobile 2. In one of
the room you will find paintings of child in the cage, in others you
will think about questions, what has happened.

The story takes place in two paralel worlds of main characters Lucas
and Vincent. In the darker world you will be attacked by disgusting
monsters, which you will kill by your weapon. Both of them are full of
interesting puzzles. The solving of logically puzzles is sometimes
harder, than you might except. Some of them are easy. Sometimes, Silent
Hill world is illusive, when you drift around and you can not find
right door. Ghostly music provides true atmosphere of this horror

Despite of less innovation, new Silent Hill brings first-rate script combined with nice interiers of hospital and much more !


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Silent Hill Mobile 2
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